Special Focus

Tumour surgery

"Tumor" is a Latin word meaning "swelling", and all kind of swellings are treated in our department. To avoid any possible confusion in speaking generally of “tumours” for benign cases and “neoplasias” for malignant ones, we do not use this term in our clinic until it is clear which kind of swelling we are dealing with.


            of unclear origin,
            progressing in diameter,
            of unclear behaviour,

are termed "neoplasia of unclear behaviour".

Fortunately, many swellings are caused by inflammations or have benign causes. However, it is always important to be able to rule out the very rare forms of cancer. If you are affected by such a lesion, the most sensible thing to do is to come to our outpatients clinic. For further information just follow the link "benign tumours" or "malignant tumours". 

Revision surgery

In orthopaedic revision surgery we deal with secondary – or several – operations on one place. The reason for such surgery is, in rare cases, inadequate primary surgery. In the majority of cases, reasons can be:

  • scheduled replacement of implanted orthopaedic devices or
  • complete joint replacements (knee, hip, etc.)
  • resection of a benign tumour with relapse or
  • incomplete removal in the first place
  • scheduled removal of temporary implants.

Should such an operation be planned for you, or if you would like to have a second opinion with our team of experts, we recommend a visit to our outpatients clinic during certain times. An appointment with the relevant expert (for spine, knee, tumour, sports etc.) available on a certain day can be made by telephone.



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