West German Cancer Center Münster (WTZ)

The West German Cancer Center Münster (WTZ)

The West German Cancer Center Münster (WTZ) at UKM is the main institution at UKM for the interdisciplinary treatment of tumour patients.

  • ensures highly competent and reliable treatment of tumour patients through close interdisciplinary cooperation between various clinics
  • treats patients according to the current state of the art through its highly qualified doctors and caregivers
  • develops guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of tumour diseases both internally, on an interdisciplinary level, and through national and international cooperation and studies
  • endeavours to establish a network of institutions in the vicinity of UKM which deal with the treatment of tumours
  • serves the pooling of translational tumour research (transition from laboratory research to clinical application) at the Medical Faculty of Münster University 
  • is involved in national and international networking with other comprehensive cancer centres, both in research and in clinical treatment.
  • serves to increase knowledge and gain new insights, as well as promote an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among tumour researchers and caregivers for the good of patients.