West German Cancer Center Münster (WTZ)


The WTZ is the central facility at UKM for the interdisciplinary and guideline-oriented diagnosis and treatment of oncology patients. It coordinates numerous research groups (interdisciplinary research task forces / ITFs) and clinical work groups (clinical-oncological groups / KOGs) which contributes to a dynamic and interdisciplinary organizational structure.

One of the first milestones after the establishment of the former CCCM on 19 July 2007 was the opening of an interdisciplinary oncological outpatients centre in the Main Clinical Centre with a day-clinic for children and adults with cancer. For the good of the patients this centre helps to optimize networking with oncological disciplines within the hospital and, equally, with external regional partners who care for the sick. Additional central organizational structures are currently being set up to provide improved contact possibilities for patients on the one hand and, at the same time, to attain an improved quality of care through an effective use of the structures.