Departement and Outpatient Clinic for Urology

The director of the departement and a qualified team of senior physicians – specialists of many years’ standing – as well as young, motivated colleagues all offer you the complete range of surgical and non-surgical urology. We rely on a symbiosis of proven diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities and modern, innovative techniques.

The main areas of focus at the Departement and Outpatients Clinic for Urology are the prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of benign and malignant tumours, infections, stone diseases, and malfunctions within the field of urology. Childhood urology as well as the treatment of injuries to the urinary organs and the male urogenital system are further areas we focus on at our clinic.

Every year we treat more than 10,000 outpatients in our Outpatients Departement. In addition we perform around 2,500 outpatient and inpatient surgical procedures. Our team of state-registered nurses and doctors will make your stay with us as pleasant as possible not only if you are an outpatient, but also during any stay in our wards.

In 2007 UKM established the West German Cancer Center Münster (WTZ) in which tumour patients are treated with systemic therapies in linen with the latest scientific developments. A key component of this centre is the interdisciplinary oncological day departement, in which urological tumour patients are treated by our renowned specialists for tumour drug therapy.