Angiology Ward in the Department of Cardiology and Angiology

We treat patients with diseases of all vessels - veins, arteries and small blood vessels - using a variety of diagnostic and drug-conservative treatments, as well as catheter-based interventions, while considering the most innovative therapies and current research findings.

A particular advantage is certainly the close cooperation which UKM provides with numerous other highly specialized disciplines: For the optimal healing process of a number of patients it is important that other specialists are consulted, for example from the departments of vascular surgery, radiology, rheumatology, dermatology, technical orthopaedics and possibly even more. All these disciplines are always present and accessible at our department, with their specially qualified physicians and doctors. A close exchange of ideas and information ensures optimal care for our patients. Our involvement in heart medicine (cardiology) is also beneficial for a number of patients with vascular and heart diseases.