Additional Services

Upon request, and on condition that the patient bears the costs, UKM organizes accommodation for any companions in suitable apartment facilities or hotels in Münster. Otherwise it is the responsibility of the patient to organize the accommodation for his/her companions. If capacity is available at UKM, one companion of the patient can be accommodated at UKM, upon request and if the patient reimburses the relevant costs. Providing accommodation for a companion of the patient can be considered in particular in the case of under-age patients. Eating expenses for the companion during his/her stay in Germany, as well as all incidental costs connected with the stay of such a companion in Münster or Germany, are not the responsibility of UKM and are to be organized and financed by the companion or by the patient. Upon request, these services can be organized through the catering facilities at UKM against payment. If a third party is bearing the costs, the settlement of any additional services must be expressly approved in writing.