The treatment of patients is carried out in accordance with the quality requirements and quality standards valid in Germany at the time of treatment. The treatment includes all necessary medical activity during the treatment phase. It also includes the diagnosis and treatment of any complications which arise during the hospital stay. Treatment by a third party after the conclusion of outpatient and/or total inpatient services is not a constituent part of the treatment contract. UKM enables outpatient and inpatient treatment to be undertaken, provided that capacity is available. The precondition is that the treatment costs are borne by the patient in the form of an advance payment, or through a sponsor in the form of a declaration of financial responsibility. The amount of the advance payment is based on the pre-calculation of treatment costs. Afterwards, the exact date of admission is arranged by the patient with the particular clinic providing the treatment.
At his/her own expense or at the expense of another sponsor, the patient must ensure that the required visa formalities for entry into the Federal Republic of Germany on the part of the patient and his/her companions are observed. After the conclusion of a treatment contract, UKM issues the official invitation which is necessary for visas to be issued. In addition, we would point out that UKM will not bear any costs for the patient’s stay in the Federal Republic of Germany. UKM assures that the patient’s data will only be used for the purpose of medical treatment and for purposes related to this. The settlement of accounts for medical services takes place on the basis of the German accounting systems in force in each case (DRG-based for inpatient stays, Scale of Fees for Doctors in the case of outpatient treatments and treatment by the chief physician).
Appeals for Donations/ Fundraising
To secure the costs for the treatment of foreign patients by means of fundraising and appeals for donations, we recommend setting up an external donations account with a fundraising organization from which the donation can then be transferred directly to UKM.  If donations are to be paid directly into one of UKM’s bank accounts, it is essential to contact the International Patients Management department in advance to have this procedure checked and approved. If specifically requested by the donor, we will issue donation receipts. For data protection reasons we cannot pass on any information about the patient.
Information for Patients’ Agencies
At UKM a large number of international patients are treated who travel to Germany for the purpose of medical care or who are looked after within the context of emergency care. The organizational support for these patients and the handling of all financial matters are dealt with by the International Patients Management Department at UKM. The people to contact, as well as information for patients in several languages, can be found at
In this context there are regular contacts with patient companions who work on behalf of the foreign patients.
In order to facilitate cooperation with our administrative office and UKM for these organizations, we would like to give you the following information:
  • The patients’ agencies work exclusively on behalf of the patients and conclude a contractual agreement with them if necessary. There is no contractual relationship between the patients’ agencies and UKM.
  • UKM does not pay any remuneration to third parties for placing and looking after foreign patients (agent's commissions).
  • Advertising the fact that patients are being sought on behalf of UKM is permitted as a rule. For further information on the range of services and care structures, reference may be made to the UKM website (see above). All other forms of advertising with a reference to UKM require the express written approval of UKM.
  • For the processing of financial matters, including the manner in which the payment of costs is secured on the part of UKM, the principles and information apply which are stated in the brochures available under “Downloads” on the above-mentioned website.
  • All fundraising and appeals for donations undertaken in order to secure the payment of the costs for the treatment of foreign patients must be agreed to beforehand, without fail, by the International Patients Management Department.
If you have any further questions, please contact us at international-patients(at)­ukmuenster(dot)­de.