If the decision is affirmative, the patient or his/her authorized representative receives from UKM a written, non-binding advance calculation of the treatment costs for the patient which is based on the services to be provided. Furthermore, a treatment date or a treatment period is communicated by UKM.  If the patient opts for treatment at UKM on the basis of the treatment amount calculated in advance, then the treatment contract, signed by the patient or his/her authorized representative, is to be returned to UKM. The treatment contract will remain valid on UKM’s part for two months. A patient can only be invited to Germany if the amount of the cost calculation stated in the treatment contract has been paid into UKM’s account. After receipt of the signed treatment contract and of the pre-calculated sum, UKM will send a confirmation to the patient or to the agency making the arrangements which should be submitted by the patient, together with his/her visa application, to the appropriate embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. The patient’s admission diagnosis is established by the attending physician at UKM, who informs the patient at the time of his/her arrival about the kind of treatment to be given and explains the risks involved.

Dr. med. Vincent Roman Hofbauer
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Consultant Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery

International Patient Management
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