Department of Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a highly specialised field of medicine with numerous aspects. Neurosurgery not only treats tumours (gliomas, glioblastomas, meningiomas, brain metastases, acoustic neuromas, pituitary tumours), but also diseases of the spine (intervertebral disc prolapses, stenoses), vascular diseases (aneurysms, AVM) and much more (trigeminus neuralgia, Hippel-Lindau disease, normal pressure hydrocephalitis, etc.).

The Neurosurgical Department at the University Hospital in Münster covers the entire spectrum of neurosurgical operations and works closely together with the other disciplines of the University Hospital. In the meantime, more than 3,000 operations are performed in at least 3 operating theatres every year, 7,000 patients treated on an outpatient basis and countless consultations carried out on the basis of images sent in from Germany and abroad. The latest technical procedures are used intraoperatively to contribute towards improving the safety of the therapies. These include neuronavigation, the intra-operative monitoring of neurological functions (neurophysiological monitoring), fluorescence procedures (ALA, ICG) for tumour and vascular operations, endoscopy, lasers and more recently – and as the first institute in North Rhine-Westphalia – intra-operative computer tomography method known as intra-operative CCT.

Within the framework of the care of neuro-oncological patients, we work on an interdisciplinary basis with specialists from other disciplines within the framework of the Brain Tumour Centre/ Neurooncology Competence Centre and the West German Cancer Center Münster (WTZ).