Prostate center

Prostate Center at UKM

Through cooperation with the participating departements and institutes at Münster University Hospital (UKM), the Prostate Centre at UKM offers you a wide range of possibilities for diagnosis and treatment. This provides you with many advantages in your very individual state of health and your personal situation. These are, in brief:

We work out a personal, tailor-made interdisciplinary treatment for you which takes into account not only the tumour stage, but also your age and your personal wishes, with the aim of offering you the best chances as regards the result of your treatment and your quality of life.

A team of experts, consisting of trained specialists with many years of experience in the field of prostate illnesses, is at your disposal for you to contact.

The specialized knowledge currently available is being continuously and systematically expanded. For example, within the framework of interdisciplinary prostate research in Münster, work is being done on recognizing the presence of prostate cancer in the future, even without a biopsy. The national and international exchange of ideas at congresses, and the initiation of continuing education courses are routinely undertaken.

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