West German Cancer Center Münster (WTZ)

Range of Services

The WTZ is a joint organizational structure of all the institutions that are concerned with oncology within UKM in the areas of research, teaching and/or patient care. These institutions offer the following range of services:

  • prevention and early detection of tumours
  • interdisciplinary care of patients linked by sector for all tumour entities
  • broad range of additional care and support for tumour patients and their relatives
  • efficient and quality-controlled sequence of events in diagnosis and therapy
  • consolidation and further development of oncological quality management
  • reference centre and centre of expertise for different central oncological tasks
  • establishment and extension of interdisciplinary research networks within the focal area of tumour medicine
  • quick translation of scientific results into clinical care
  • training and continuing education in medical and non-medical areas
  • support for self-help groups and initiatives for people affected